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Added : 20th April 2014
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Description About Pelikan Logo Wallpaper

Pelikan Logo Wallpaper 140x30 Pelikan Logo WallpaperPelikan is a German manufacturer of fountain pens and other writing, office and art equipment, credited with the invention of the differential-piston filling method. Their “true” history began with the model “100” and the modified 100N (both fountain pens), which sparked the genesis of the company’s distinctive styling.

The modern-day range includes a flagship line called the Majesty, a sterling silver and palladium plated fountain pen, rollerball pen and ball pen. The more popular Souverän (meaning Soveriegn) consisting of the very small M300, small M400, medium M600, large M800 and oversized M1000. A new range of large, modern pens have recently been released called the Ductus Pens with vermeil embellishments, called ‘Toledo’, are manufactured in two sizes in Toledo in Spain. The M700 Toledo is the same size as the (new-style) M400 and the M900 is the same size as the M800. Pelikan is notable for manufacturing many of their pens using Cellulose acetate, instead of the more modern plastics used by most other major pen makers.

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