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Added : 18th August 2014
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Description About Milka Logo Wallpaper

Milka Logo Wallpaper 105x105 Milka Logo WallpaperMilka is a brand of milk chocolate manufactured by Kraft Foods. It is sold in bar form, in holiday shapes, and in a variety of specialty forms.

It was first created by the Suchard company in the early 20th century. In 1970, Suchard merged with Tobler to become Interfood. A merger with the Jacobs coffee company in 1982 created Jacobs Suchard. Kraft acquired the majority of Jacobs Suchard, including Milka, in 1990.

The brand has a well-known symbol, the Milka Cow, which is a lilac colored Montbéliard cow which are normally brown-white, with a completely white face. She sports a bell around her neck, and is usually shown in an Alpine meadow. According to the official site www.milka.co.uk, the name is derived from combining Milch and Kakao, which are theGerman terms for milk and cocoa, chocolate’s primary ingredients. Croatian sources alone claim it to be a tribute to Carl Russ-Suchard’s admiration of Wagner interpretations of the singer Milka Ternina, a famous soprano of the time. The chocolates are distinctively packaged in purple.

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