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Added : 8th December 2011
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Description About HBO Logo Wallpaper

HBO Logo Wallpaper 140x57 HBO Logo WallpaperHBO, short for Home Box Office, is an American premium cable television network, owned by Time Warner. As of March 2011, their programming reaches 28.2 million subscribers in the United States, making it the second largest premium network in America (Encore’s programming reaches 32.9 million subscribers as of October 2011). In addition to its U.S. subscriber base, HBO also broadcasts in at least 151 countries worldwide.

HBO’s programming consists primarily of theatrically released motion pictures and original series, along with made-for-cable movies and documentaries, boxing matches, and occasional stand-up comedy and concert specials.

Various products have used the HBO trademark. In 2005, HBO launched a deal with Cingular Wireless (now AT&T) to establish HBO MobileHBO Mobile, a pay service feature much like the cable network itself, features information on HBO original series such as The SopranosSex and the City and others, including episode guides, wallpapers and ringtones voiced by cast-members of HBO series.

In 2005, a version of the DVD interactive game Scene It was released by Mattel, tailored to the HBO network itself; it features trivia on various HBO series.

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